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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

An Internet Mogul Enters Training

For years, I've joked about retirement being filled with greeting Wal Mart shoppers instead of cruising the Caribbean. As my 48th birthday approaches and my retirement account is less than it was twenty years ago, that joke is less and less funny.

Lingering unemployment has a way of devouring retirement accounts.

So the job title I gave myself, Internet Mogul, pays well. I need a good paying job for goodness sake! Surly a few months of being an Internet Mogul and those meager accounts will be flush with my success.

All the web gurus say I can do it, if I only buy their terribly overpriced product.

If I'm on a budget, $99 bucks will get me their hot-shot eBook with the 10 Magic Secrets of the Rich and Powerful. You know, the ones who work ten minutes a day in their silk jammies, don't know a bit of HTML yet rake in millions on the net.

Of course it's not worth the $99 that was so conveniently tacked onto my credit card bill in a nano-instant after I clicked here.

To really learn the secrets of the gurus, I gotta spend some money. After all, the honest ones will confess those free reports they give you aren't even worth that much.

So for a mere $997, I can get a glimpse of their incredible wisdom sloppily photocopied and loaded into 3-ring binders. Ten-thousand pages. Delivered to my door. Ah, the personal touch!

Is there a better learning system out there? This mogul needs better training is she's going to succeed.


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