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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mogule in Trainging: Status Update

My Internet business is actually working! Well...sort of.

I'm not what you'd call a millionaire mogule yet, but I've learned enough to create visions of gradure that aren't even delusional. No doubt I'am happier than I was doing the work-for-the-jerk grind.

The joys of being a self-employed mogule include sleeping late, wearing sloppy clothes and earning a less-than-great paycheck. Now before you just to conclusions, sleeping late doesn't mean never working. It just means I've given myself the late shift, which is more in tune with my body' clock. I work until 9 pm so getting up at 10 am is allowed! That freedom is worth more than a company-invested 401K at the moment.

The growth of my Internet multi-media empire is now to the "mapped out vision" stage. My plans are incredible! So far, I have eight websites established with a specific plan of action for each. Ebooks for, instructional videos for, and, MP3 downloads of me reading nursery rhymes for The list goes on.

My biggest mistake so far is to have underestimated the technical abilities I'd need for success. I've tried several over the web builders and found them all to be too limited to work with effectively. So I've enrolled in a local community college to hob-knob with the teens and learn basic HTML. At 48, no doubt I'll fit right in!

The Internet is a great opportunity, but it sure has been a challenge to navigate the much hyped-up world of Internet marketing. It's taken me months to wade through the crap and decide what's worthwhile. Thank God that's over and at least I feel like I know enough to avoid some of the STUPID mistakes I'm not going to reveal right now. The future begins now.


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