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Monday, March 02, 2009


The world is full of snakes in human form.

This fact goes way back to the beginning. Even if Adam and Eve are fictitious, (which is my guess) the concept of people being lying snakes started there.

So why would I be surprised to run into a few lying snakes myself? Shouldn't be. And on an intellectual level I'm not surprised. But on an emotional level, when I realize some one I had trusted was lying to me all along, I get so angry I want to spit. Like a snake. See, if I were more of a snake myself I could play the game better.

I don't like the movie "KILL BILL" but I have discovered a new fondness for the title.
You see, my snake is named Bill. He seemed so nice. He seemed so trustworthy.

Honey coated snake I guess.

Internet Marketing is full of snakes, is it not?



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