Reject to Riches? Hope on the Internet

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Time Flies

Once upon a time, I thought it would take about six months to start a profitable Internet business.


It's been, well....nearly two years now and I'm still waiting to strike it rich.

Slow as molasses and not quite as sweet.

Never believe someone who tells you making money on the Internet is easy. Honest marketers will tell you it's not easy but it's worth doing.

I love what I do and making millions has never been my goal, although it'd be nice. Making a living by working for myself out of the house, that's my priority.

Since starting my business, I've given myself a great education on Internet marketing. No school offers what I've managed to learn by studying different Internet marketers. It would have been nice to have a trusted source like a school to teach objectively about running a business on the net. All the marketers want to sell you something so much of what the tell (sell) you is bull and not to be trusted. Figuring out who falls into what category is not always easy.